Thank you for timely and efficient delivery of my order. We are looking forward once again to tucking in to your delicious ham.
John Lampitt 09/07/2018, 14:38
I’ve had the duck breasts before which are absolutely delicious and when I do the starter with oranges and walnuts for a dinner party it always goes down very well.
Louise Fleet 09/07/2018, 14:38
Order delivered on date, despite snow. Delicious, admired by all.
Brian Gascoigne 09/07/2018, 14:34
I just wanted to say that every single thing we’ve tried so far has been simply delicious. We’ve had the smoked chicken, the smoked salmon, the hot roast salmon, the smoked sea bass and the Caerphilly. All really wonderful!
Lisa Coleridge 09/07/2018, 14:31
We had the smoked duck with a mango salsa last night and it was sublime.
Alex Smith 09/07/2018, 14:29
Salmon (and smoked salmon pate) both delivered safely and deliciously. Perfectly matched the weather and happy get together with friends.
Rachel Lewis 09/07/2018, 14:28
Thank you for your prompt reply, so nice (and rare) to get good service. Will be placing an order shortly.
Caroline Lulus 09/07/2018, 14:25
I'd just like to tell you how amazing your smoked chicken is! I've literally never tasted anything like it. Keep up the great work!
Amber 09/07/2018, 14:24
@WelshSmokery the foodie find of the year!
Seriously, your smoked duck breast was absolutely incredible. Ordering some for family Christmas canapes!
@SenoraBiggles 09/07/2018, 14:23
Thank you so very much for our delivery . Delighted with our order as always !!
Ann Green 09/07/2018, 14:22