We made a point of visiting you after reading such positive reviews and bought some of your smoked salmon, various welsh cheeses, relishes and smoked duck. All of the items that we bought were absolutely delicious.

I appreciate that some may be concerned at the cost of the smoked duck, but trust me it is worth every penny and one breast would easily feed 4’ if not 5 as a stunning starter and easily 3 as a main course.

I will certainly be ordering more online, especially with Christmas on its way.

Many thanks and wishing you continued success.
Michele Bardey 15/10/2020, 10:28
Afternoon Blyth!
Many thanks, the price list I requested is for my Dad, who doesn't have internet.
I bought him some of your products for Father's Day and he was so pleased with them, he said he would like a list of products.
Kind regards and stay safe.
Kate 23/06/2020, 17:19
Thank you so much for delivering our fantastic and delicious food hamper which we received as a gift from friends. I can honestly say the smoked salmon and oak roast salmon are the best I’ve ever had. Utterly delicious and meltingly tender. We are looking forward to sampling all the other goodies which we discovered nestling inside!!
Patricia Abbott 30/04/2020, 17:01
Thank you for absolutely superb service especially in such difficult times. I ordered salmon on Tuesday night, not really thinking there was any chance of a delivery in time for our wedding anniversary on Saturday, but here it is - delivered first thing Thursday morning. My mouth is watering at the thought, and I know we are in for a feast on Saturday, even in lock down with the rest of the family unable to join us. Thank you so much
Rachel Penney 23/04/2020, 16:47
I just wanted to say my parents were thrilled with their recent treat packs from you. I arranged to send these just as an unexpected surprise, but they are familiar with your foods and were suitably thrilled. My mother thought the handwritten message was my handwriting, and the chocolate fish were the icing on the cake, so to speak.
So many thanks for making two particular customers (and the giver!) very happy.
Rachel Middleton 22/04/2020, 19:32
Just a very quick, but large, thank you ... My order arrived right on time yesterday and my dad was terribly pleased with it.
It was lovely for him to feel cared-about on his birthday: he said it all looked exquisite!
Can’t wait to have another reason for ordering from you ...
Claire Oerton 22/04/2020, 12:52
Just wanted to say thanks for the hamper. I’d ordered as a gift for my parents who are both in vulnerable groups and can’t get out. So. I wanted to kill two birds with one stone by getting them some food whilst waiting for their supermarket delivery and also a bit of a treat. The outcome was better than I could have expected. My parents were impressed by the outstanding quality of items in the hamper and enjoyed all of it... So wanted to say thanks. Will definitely order again.
Michael Cairney 14/04/2020, 17:14
My order arrived today as promised and my daughter was delighted to receive it and said it was beautifully packed and still chilled.
Thank you for your excellent service
Gina Todd 08/04/2020, 14:21
Thank you so much for pulling the stops out and getting all that lovely smoked salmon to us tout suite. It arrived well before 10.00 a.m.
John Brown 27/03/2020, 17:31
We love your products, they really brighten our day
Clare Gabriel 21/03/2020, 12:30