Thank you for the excellent service, all goods arrived safely and on time, we look forward to enjoying them
Mark Bullen 09/07/2018, 14:21
Very excited to receive my delivery as I had a taste at my parents at Christmas and was totally sold!
Anna Mackay 09/07/2018, 14:11
Thank you Black Mountain Smokery, everything arrived as per the order, I have no doubt we'll use you again.
Joan Knight 09/07/2018, 14:10
Thank you shipment safely arrived and excellent as always so will be ordering more from your list.
Judith Patrick 09/07/2018, 14:09
Thank you so much Jo. We have really enjoyed the smoked food over the last year.
Marika Valiaho 09/07/2018, 14:01
You have never let me down and I am delighted to continue to send your Hampers to my friends!
Tonina Watkins 06/09/2017, 13:04
The salmon was absolutely fabulous, in fact so good there was nothing left!
Pippa Napier 06/09/2017, 13:04
An excellent order, delivered as agreed,

the salmon was delicious and fresh and the smoked ham wonderful... you just can't get this quality in the shops!
Diana Jones 05/08/2017, 08:55