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Hugh's Smoked Salmon Slicing Tutorial


We often get asked: ‘What machine do you use to slice your salmon?’

Well, here it is, and his name is Hugh!

He was immense over the extremely busy Christmas period, and alongside Corrine & Alex, our production team heroes painstakingly hand sliced salmon for thousands of orders, making sure they were all to the highest standard -  we just cannot thank them all enough.

We thought it would be nice for you all to see the steps behind getting those perfectly sliced sides! Listen carefully – the master is at work!

We hope this little video is helpful for those of you who want to give it a try at home. You'll need a long, thin & flexible blade, if not a proper Salmon knife and one of our Traditional Oak Smoked Salmon Unsliced Sides to try your hand at. After slicing, serve on a bespoke Oak Platter, for maximum wow-factor around the dinner table.

For those of you that prefer our sliced Salmon… it gives a little insight into how each salmon order is lovingly prepared!


If you're more interested in what goes on before the slicing, you can find out more about our smoking processes here.


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