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Recipe Ideas for Smoked Food Party Nibbles


We are all looking forward to this summer and the much-anticipated easing of lockdown with the opportunity to entertain family & friends once again.  We thought we should do a quick post outlining our favourite Canapé recipes.  Perfect for party nibbles and bitesize puddings.

Make life easy and whip up the most delicious bites of heaven in just a moment!


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Smoked Bacon & Cheddar Canape Recipe
Smoked Duck with Hedgerow & Port Jelly Canapé Recipe
Smoked Salmon with Lemon and Horseradish Cream Canapé Recipe
Smoked Chicken, Goats Cheese and Spiced Citrus Jelly Canapé Recipe
Conjure up some delicious sweet treats with our ever-versatile Canapé shells! A perfect after-dinner nibble!
Mini Banoffee Pies
Spoon some of our Halen Mon Salted Caramel Sauce into the shells, add a slice of banana, top with some whipped cream and garnish with a sprinkling of grated Chocolate, easy peasy!
Mini Chocolate or Lemon Tarts
Simply add chocolate ganache and top with raspberries or orange zest. Add a spoonful of lemon curd and a dusting of icing sugar for a scrummy after-dinner treat!


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