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Our Traditional Smoking Process for Smoked SalmonFish used in smoked fish from Black Mountains SmokeryOur smoking process for smoked salmon

We source fabulous fresh foods, sustainably produced from selected quality UK suppliers only. Every product is cured prior to smoking using dry salt or a special brine or marinade solution to reduce available water content thereby aiding preservation and enhancing flavour. 

Modern custom-made kilns are used to either hot or cold smoke the various produce. Smouldering oak chips provide the smoke. Cold smoking involves a remote smoke source. The cold smoke is slowly drawn through the kiln over the food by the chimney with an internal fan evenly distributing the smoke for consistency of product. Hot smoking involves a proximate smoke source and high temperatures so that the foods are roasted in the hot oak smoke.

The smoking and curing of foods is a traditional craft. The quality of the smoked product depends upon care taken at each stage of the process from sourcing and selection of materials through preparation and smoking to delivery.

The skill of the smoker is crucial. The fine texture and taste of the end product depends on the timings and temperatures, which in turn can depend even on the weather!