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Serves 2 
Lovely for breakfast or as an easy snack. 
We always buy our granary bread from Askew's Bakery on Crickhowell's High Street. 
Black Mountains Smokery Scrambled Eggs and Smoked Salmon



4 Eggs
1 tbsp Double cream
1 tbsp Chives
Granary bread

In a pan, add eggs (do not beat them beforehand) and stir in the Calon Wen Organic Salted Butter with a wooden spoon. Stir non-stop over medium heat for 2 minutes until creamy and soft, remove from the heat, add salt, black pepper and dill.

Be careful not to over cook. “Done in the pan is burnt on the plate!”

Place the slices of Smoked Salmon on the top of the granary toast and pour the scrambled eggs over the salmon topped toast.


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