Planting Trees To Offset Carbon Footprint

Planting Trees To Offset Carbon Footprint

Every Donation Quadrupled For The Next 2 Weeks!

“Stump up for Trees,” is an amazingly ambitious community-based charity, focused on woodland creation & enhancing biodiversity in the Brecon Beacons and Southeast Wales.

We have been collaborating with Stump Up since 2020 to offset the carbon footprint of mail-order deliveries. We match-fund every £2 donation made online. If you donate between April 18th-22nd then Big Give’s Green Match Fund will double it again, turning your £2 donation into £8, that’s 2 whole trees, planted and maintained for 12 years because of you! Stump Up For A Tree- Every Donation Doubled

In total, we have planted 700 native hedgerow species at our family home with help from family, friends and neighbours, putting the hand-nurtured saplings from the Stump Up nursery to good use in new and improved hedgerows.

Offsetting Our Carbon Footprint: Young man and woman stood next to freshly planted row of shrubs
Here’s a quick Tree Species Breakdown:

Crab Apple
Dog Rose
Guelder Rose
Oak (common)
Field Maple
Sessile Oak
Wild Cherry
HollyOffsetting Our Carbon Footprint :Unplanted Hedgerows

Planting new hedgerows has beneficial impacts on biodiversity, carbon capture, flood mitigation and water management, as well as making our garden look beautiful. We expect to see lots of bees and butterflies this summer as our species selection will support a range of pollinators.

You can read more about the charity and our previous funds raised on our Stump Up For Tree’s Recap Of The Year page
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