Smoked Chicken and Sweet Chilli Wraps Recipe

Smoked Chicken and Sweet Chilli Wraps Recipe
Serves 2
smoked chicken summer chilli wrap
Deli or tortilla wraps
Smoked Chicken Breast – thinly sliced
Cream cheese
Chilli Jam or Apple Cider Jelly if you prefer it less spicy
A bag of baby salad leaves
Sliced pickled cucmbers
Gently warm the wraps in the microwave or on a grill for 20 seconds or so, (no need to bother on a picnic!).  One at a time spread one side with cream cheese and then lay slices of Smoked Chicken, a handful of salad leaves and the pickled cucumbers across the diameter of the wrap.
Drizzle over the Chilli Jam and or Apple Cider Jelly, then tuck each side inward to hold in the filling. Roll up the wrap from the bottom and cut in half to show off the filling.
For easy finger food slice each wrap across its width into “cartwheels.”