Smoked Chicken Breast

Our delicious Oak Smoked Chicken has just won another 3 stars in the Great Taste Awards!  Succulent, smoky and ready to eat.

Recommended by Delicious Magazine November 2023:

'So versatile - a meal in itself or a fabulous ingredient in pasta dishes and salads. Perfect paired with anything from pesto to pomegranate!'

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  • Smoked Chicken Breast Slices

    Smoked Chicken Breast Slices

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  • Chicken Breast with Pairing

    Chicken Breast with Pairing

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    Smoked Chicken Pasta Recipe

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  • Oak Smoked Chicken Breast

    Oak Smoked Chicken Breast

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    Sliced Oak Smoked Chicken Breast Platter

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Our hot-smoked, succulent  and subtle in flavour Smoked Chicken is delicious hot or cold, thinly sliced or torn.

Try our new 300g sliced chicken breast sharing boards, perfect for meat platters, easy entertaining and for gourmet nibbles at celebrations and parties.

Perfect for all ages, a fabulous ingredient in creamy pasta dishes and salads, a pretty platter with mango and lime wedges or as a nibble in Canape shells with creme fraiche or goats cheese and apple cider or spiced citrus jelly.

Recommended by Delicious Magazine November 2023Aggie MacKenzie in Good Housekeeping Magazine.

"Two smoked chicken breasts (360g) thinly sliced gave six of us a treat as a starter - and there was some left to make a delicious risotto the next day!" Juliet Hawkins


This Smoked Chicken, avocado, mango and lime salad is a refreshing way to enjoy our Smoked Chicken breast  this summer.

Serves 4


1 ripe mango, sliced

1 firm avocado, sliced

4 handfuls of mesclun leaves

1 lime, cut into wedges

1 small handful of fennel

2 Smoked Chicken Breasts, sliced

1tbsp Fino Olive oil

1tbsp Balsamic Vinegar

Whisk the Fino Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar together to make the dressing. Season with Salt and pepper to taste.

Add the mango, mesclun, fennel and  the Smoked Chicken to a big bowl.

Pour the dressing over the salad and toss the salad to ensure the dressing cover all the salad.

Garnish with slices of lime.

 One of the UK’s best smokeries, based in Wales. It was the award-winning smoked chicken that drew us in first, closely followed by the smoked duck and fish – ingredients that are great to have on hand for impromptu salads, sandwiches & snacks of the highest order. The Taste For Two hamper (£59.75) includes award-winning oak smoked duck, salmon, chicken and cheddar, plus a jar of dill sauce (epic with smoked fish on blinis or rye bread for a quick canapé).  

Delicious Magazine November 2023

 Put simply, it’s the most delicious smoked meat we think we’ve ever tried. Delicate, packed with flavour and sumptuously moist, it didn’t last long and not very much got shared. 

Clare O'Reilly, The Independent, March 2023 

 Had some of your wonderful Smoked Chicken breast with baked potatoes for supper yesterday evening.

Peter Richards, December 2022 

 Thank you so very much. Our Christmas order arrived today, just as scheduled. It was beautifully packaged and everything looks delicious. Christmas has arrived with your parcel. Thank you to you all.

Rosemary and Keith Davies, December 2022

 How happy I was to see the safe arrival of your box of delicious goodies! Everything, the ham, the oak smoked salmon, the duck, the chicken were greatly enjoyed by the family and our guests! A very big thank you!

Richenda Paget, January 2023

I certainly will enjoy the chicken, it is the best I have found, so moist and not over smoked, just the right amount of flavour!

Joyce Bradbeer, June 2022

 Seriously, your smoked chicken breast is absolutely incredible. Ordering some for family summer canapes!

Alison Bullen, June 2022

Just received a gift box with smoked chicken, trout, duck, salmon and condiments; it was fantastic and delicious! Best smoked chicken ever. Thanks to Stephanie Hewson for her gift! 

Julia Barber, August 2021

A note to say I received my order yesterday of smoked chicken breasts. I took a chance ordering and I am not disappointed! Quality produce impeccably packed. I will order again and certainly recommend you to friends!

Amira Asantewa, November 2020

I just wanted to say that every single thing we've tried so far has been simply delicious. We've had the smoked chicken, the smoked salmon, the hot smoked oak roast salmon and the smoked sea bass. All really wonderful!

November 2020

We love the smoked duck, smoked chicken and dragon sausage. They're all good and work so well with salads. We had the smoked duck with a mango salsa last night and it was sublime.

July 2020

I'd just like to tell you how amazing your smoked chicken is! I've literally never tasted anything like it. Keep up the great work!

July 2020

Impressive - well done! Very juicy and moist with an immediate and appealing smokey aroma. The flavour of the smoke is natural and well balanced and the chicken not overpowered

Great Taste Awards, August 2018

Moist and tender meat lightly smoked, good chicken flavour. The oak smoke is clean and not overdone.

Great Taste Awards, August 2015

Ready to eat.

Best served at room temperature - please visit our recipe pages for  serving suggestions and inspiration.


Chicken Breast, Salt, Oak Smoke