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Add £2 to your order to plant a tree which will more than offset the carbon footprint of your parcel.

Contribute to planting a million trees in the Brecon Beacons We are calling on you to support “Stump up for Trees,” an amazingly ambitious community-based charity, focused on woodland creation & enhancing biodiversity in the Brecon Beacons and South East Wales. Its mission, to plant a million trees in the area over the next 2 years using innovative public-private funding initiatives.

Trees give life. It is hard to overstate their benefits. Trees provide wildlife habitat, food, better air and water quality, medicine, shade, sustainable timber, natural flood management and healthier soils. Most importantly in today’s urgent debate about climate change, trees also sequester carbon dioxide.

Please help us to plant more trees, and plant them well.

It costs, on average, £4 to plant and maintain one tree for 12 years in this area (£5 with fencing). BMS will match fund each £2 contribution made by you, to tend a tree to a self-sustaining age & stage. Add £2 to your order here.

Stump Up For TreesAs a family, we are committed to planting a thousand trees as a measure to offset unavoidable food miles, plastic and energy use at BMS.  Our plan is to plant up the top ends of our 3 small fields with mixed hardwoods including plenty of Chestnut, which can be managed by coppicing in the future.  Also, to replenish our wonderful ancient hedgerows creating wider, thicker and more effective wildlife corridors.

We will be sharing images of the woodland developments in our community as the whole project takes off. 

Click here to read about the Pilot Plant project on Bry Arw of the first 100,000 trees on a low hillside very close to where we live.

Please STUMP UP FOR TREES! Find out more...

ITV's Coast & Country visited the Stump Up for Tree project to find out more about plans to plant a million trees in the Brecon Beacons area: 

Watch from 15.20 minutes

Stump Up For Trees - April 21


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