Smoked Fish Kedgeree Recipe

Smoked Fish Kedgeree Recipe
Kedgeree Christmas New Year Recipe

We love kedgeree.  This year we made this rich buttery version using Peppered Salmon in place of Smoked Haddock for our Christmas Eve Feast but it is a fabulous winter warming treat at any time.

Try our recipe below:

Serves 4 people

350g smoked haddock

2 bay leaves, a tbsp of parsley stalks and a few black peppercorns

Butter & rapeseed oil

2 leeks

1 x small onion

1 tsp curry powder and 1 tsp turmeric

1 x tin butter beans/chickpeas (optional)

2 eggs

4 handfuls of basmati

1 cup peas

1 x tablespoon flat leaf parsley and fresh dill

3 tbsp cream

Poach the haddock skin down in water with bay leaves, parsley stalks and black peppercorns.

Reserve some fish stock.

Soften the finely diced leeks and onions in rapeseed oil and butter.  Add the curry powder and turmeric and stir in.  Then add the butter beans if using.

Cook the basmati rice in vegetable stock and add the peas.

Whilst the rice is cooking boil the eggs for 8 mins for a fudgy yolk.

Flake the haddock and fold into the spiced leek and onion mixture and add the rice and peas.

Add in the cream and some extra butter (or oil) over a low heat. Loosen with the fish stock if needed.  (This stage is optional if you prefer a healthier less rich everyday version!)

Garnish with the herbs and eggs and serve on warmed plates.

If using Oak Roasted or Peppered Salmon, it is ready to eat and doesn’t require poaching. Simply flake and gently fold into the vegetable rice mixture on a low heat followed by the cream & butter.

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