Smoked Chicken and Orange in Spiced Mayonnaise Recipe

Smoked Chicken and Orange in Spiced Mayonnaise Recipe

Smokey Jo’s vibrant summer dish. Make a change from your classic coronation chicken and give this spiced chicken and orange mayonnaise recipe a try today. Serves 6.

smoked chicken and orange salad


2 Smoked Chicken Breast
2 Orange or 4 Tangerines & zest from 1 orange
300ml Cotswold Gold Mayonnaise & 2 Tbl Natural Yoghurt
1 Green Pepper
1 tsp Curry Powder
2 shakes Tabasco
1 shake Paprika
1 tsp Anchovy Essence

Orange zest


Remove the Smoked Chicken from the pack and cut into medium-thickness slices.

Take the oranges – grate the zest and then remove the peel and pith. Segment.  Reserve half of the segments for garnishing.

Cut the green pepper into slices.

To spice the mayonnaise simply mix in the curry powder, yoghurt, anchovy essence, tabasco, paprika and orange zest.

Add the meat, orange segments and green pepper to the spiced mayonnaise.

Garnish with reserved orange and serve chilled with a black or basmati rice salad dressed with fresh herbs and a vinaigrette.

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