Where do we source our salmon?

Where do we source our salmon?

We source our fresh salmon with enormous care from one company. Quality, sustainability and welfare go hand in hand.
Bakkafrost Scotland is the leading producer of the finest quality Scottish salmon, raised exclusively on the West Coast of Scotland and the Hebridean Islands. They are the most vertically integrated salmon farming company in the world, which gives full control and responsibility over all aspects of production. With no use of antibiotics, or artificial additives (non-GMO), Bakkafrost salmon is as healthy as salmon can be.

The proof is in the eating.

The delicious taste of our multi-award-winning smoked salmon depends upon both skilled curing and smoking, and the excellent quality of the fresh fish. You can never improve poor produce by smoking it!  The firm flesh and non-oily texture of our smoked salmon is testament to the strong currents that the salmon has been reared in. The perky coral colour of the fish is the result of natural marine pigments in their Havsbrún feed (read more below).  We do not add any dyes, preservatives, additives or sugar.

Where do we source our salmon? Smoked Salmon Two Star Great Taste Award


The quality of our Scottish Salmon is dependent on the natural environmental conditions in which they are reared, our commitment is to the highest health and welfare standards, alongside our sustainably sourced top-quality feed.
• We benefit from excellent pristine conditions for farming high-quality salmon – The lochs in these remote areas provide the ideal conditions for rearing Scottish salmon, thanks to cool steady sea temperatures and strong currents.
• We do not use antibiotics and minimise the use of medicine to treat our salmon.

• We have one of the highest levels of omega-3 in our salmon
• Our own high-quality Havsbrún feed uses only non-GM plant proteins and oils, Pro-Terra certified soybeans, and sustainable certified rapeseed oil and marine ingredients:

Rich in Omega-3
100% natural pigment
Free from GMOs
Free from steroids
Free from hormones
BAP certified as well as ISO9001:2015, GMP+ B1, Global G.A.P, IFFO RS and MSC

We have the longest fully integrated value chain in the industry, giving us full traceability and supply chain integrity; from freshwater and marine farming through to processing and sales”

Where do we source our salmon ? Salmon Farm

For more information on Bakkafrost’s salmon farming click here.