It’s World Health Day!

It’s World Health Day!

World Health Day Recipe Ideas.

At Black Mountains Smokery, we recognise the importance of getting out into the fresh air and smelling the daffodils! As the Spring rolls in and the weather grows warmer, here in the Black Mountains, we’re surrounded by leaping lambs and blankets of bluebells. We are loving long scenic walks with the dogs and returning home to some easy-to-prepare, nutritious meals. Here are some of our healthy recipe ideas:

Add balancing freshness to your left-over Easter chocolate binge with any of our scrumptious Salad Recipes. Smoked Rainbow Trout is ready to eat and has a Great Taste Award! Check out our Smoked Trout and Apple Salad. The trout’s wood-smoked richness pairs beautifully with the refreshing crunch of the apples, giving you a fulfilling and nutritious tasty meal.

Healthy Recipe Ideas: Smoked Trout and Apple Salad

If you’d prefer something warmer and more wholesome, we have a delectable Oak Roasted Salmon Fishcake Recipe. Don’t forget fish is full of healthy, mood-boosting omega oils and vitamins, the American Heart Association recommends eating fish at least twice a week! Healthy Recipe Ideas: Oak Roasted Salmon Fishcakes with a lemon wedge and salad.

It’s the perfect time to try our Smoked Mackerel Couscous Salad Recipe! Try swapping the oranges for blood oranges, which have just come into season, for a refreshing kick.

Healthy Recipe Ideas: Smoked Makerel and Couscous Salad

Remember healthy food can always be fulfilling and delicious.