Lilliput Capers 185g

Rare and absolutely fabulous Spanish capers that pack a powerful punch

Tingy & tangy pickled Lilliput Capers in brine

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  • Lilliput Capers 185g
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Lilliput Capers - 185g Jar

Fabulous Spanish capers that pack a powerful punch despite their size - don’t be fooled!

Lilliput Capers are the smallest, rarest Caper variety. Tiny but full of flavour, they pair amazingly well with smoked fish, in sauces and scattered into salads and casseroles with other smoked meats.

  Keep cool and dark, and once opened, keep refrigerated and eat within three weeks

Ingredients: Lilliput Capers (68%), water, extra virgin olive oil, rapeseed oil, salt, acidity regulator: lactic acid


May contain Sulphites, Peanuts, Nuts and Sesame.