Barti Ddu Spiced Rum 70cl

This Caribbean spiced rum is infused with Pembrokeshire laver seaweed to create a full and smooth spirit drink.

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  • Barti Ddu Spiced Rum 70cl
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Barti Rum was created with the aspiration of becoming the best spiced rum in the world. To do so, it needed to become the smoothest and full of flavour and so it is packed full of vanilla, clove, cinnamon, clove and citrus. The real magic is the infusion of Pembrokeshire laver seaweed which gifts umami undertones. 

You can thank Jonathan Williams, the creator and founder of the Pembrokeshire Beach Food Company. His love for all things seaweed and desire to drink the best rum culminated to create something very, very special.

You must be at least 18 years old to purchase this product


Serve this fabulously complex rum on the rocks with a slice of fresh orange - add soda to make it long or enjoy as a short.


Please drink responsibly


Made in Wales.

Spiced Spirit Drink with Rum and Pembrokeshire Seaweed

35% Vol