Smoked Chicken with Figs, Goats Cheese and Walnuts Recipe

Smoked Chicken with Figs, Goats Cheese and Walnuts Recipe
Serves 6 as a light lunch or 8 as a starter – Our Smoked Chicken Recipe with Figs, Goat’s Cheese and Walnuts is a really simple but delicious dish!

Smoked Chicken with Goat's cheese, figs and walnuts


680g Smoked Chicken Breasts
6 Fresh Figs
Walnut halves
Crumbled Goats Cheese 
18 – 20 Charlotte potatoes
2 Red Onions – peel and cut into wedges
Olive Oil & Seasoning
Apple Cider Jelly
Green salad – peppery rocket and watercress is perfect

Drizzle the onion wedges and potatoes with olive oil and roast until tender & season with sea salt and freshly ground black pepper. Meanwhile thinly slice the Smoked Chicken Breasts and quarter the figs.

Arrange the roasted vegetables, chicken and figs on a large platter with the green salad, topped with walnuts and goats cheese, so that everyone can help themselves or arrange into individual bowls.

Serve the Cider Jelly on the side. If you are short of time, serve simply with fresh granary bread instead of potatoes.

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