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Smoked Salmon Crostini
These party nibbles are so easy to make - and look wonderful!

Crostini Canapé shells if you prefer
Creme fraiche or Mayonnaise
Quails eggs - hard boiled & quartered
Dill sauce
Sliced Smoked Salmon - slivered
Black pepper or Welshman's Caviar
Simply pile up the ingredients onto each Crostini or Canapé shells starting with the creme fraiche or Mayonnaise, which acts a bit like a glue! You can mix the Dill Sauce into the creme fraiche or mayo to save time. Finish with the quail egg and a twist of Black Pepper or a sprinkle of Welshman's Caviar. Arrange on a large serving platter.
Other great canapé combinations include:
Traditional Smoked Salmon on granary bread with a twist of lemon and Black Pepper
Smoked Chicken croustade with fresh mango and a hint of chilli
Smoked Chicken Crostini with creme fraiche and Cider Jelly
Smoked Duck canapés with a sweet chilli cream or Hedgerow & Port Jelly
Welsh Dragon Sausage with cream cheese and ripe cherry tomato on Bruschette
Smoked Duck and Smoked Chicken Skewers with fresh seasonal berries
Oak Roasted Salmon croustade with Dill Cream and Sweet Beetroot Chutney
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