Sourdough Bread Loaf

Our Sourdough Bread is baked locally in Abergavenny and made from a blend of stoneground white flours. It's as good as can be!

Light, open-textured, creamy and full flavoured

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  • Country Sourdough Loaf

    Country Sourdough Loaf

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Our Sourdough Bread Loaf is baked by the Angel Bakery locally in Abergavenny.  This white sourdough is made from a mix of stoneground organic English wheats and roller milled English and European wheats. The dough is fermented naturally and allowed to develop over several days delivering a light, open-textured, creamy and full flavoured white bread with an intense crust.

You can order for collection from our smokery shop.  Please order by Sunday pm for collection Wednesday & by Wednesday pm for collection Saturday. Otherwise, bread is delivered fresh from our freezer.

Store sourdough bread is best when wrapped up and put in a bread crock, to help preserve its' shelf life. Or you can wrap it up tightly in clingfilm or something similar and pop it in the freezer to enjoy later.

Always most delicious lightly toasted!

 Absolutely fantastic bread
Mike Stokes, May 2021 - Angel Bakery Google review 

The best sourdough for many, many miles
Karl Wills, March 2020 - Angel Bakery Google review 

 Eat within three days of arrival, or put in the freezer for a later date.



Rye, Wholemeal & White Flour, water and salt.

Contains Gluten.