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Pâtés & Terrines, Fish Cakes & Caviar, Sweet Treats and Welsh Specialities and delicacies.

Deliciously light Smoked Salmon and Smoked Mackerel pâtés, made in house and by our friends at Patchwork Foods in North Wales. Enjoy with the spelt oat fingers for nibbles with drinks.

We are thrilled to have sourced some lovely salmon caviar.  The salmon roe is red, salty and smooth and the lumpfish roe is black, crisp and tangy. Both will be back in stock in late October when the harvest is complete. Watch this space!

We have a gorgeous selection of Game terrines made for us in France (Pheasant, Wild Boar, Duck and Venison). They're so good, we wish we knew the secret recipe!

New from our freezer we have Smokey Jo's handmade Smoked Salmon Fish Cakes made with mild turmeric mash and fresh parsley.