Welsh Cockles 120g

Welsh cockles, gathered by rake and riddle from the Burry Estuary and brined.

Fry with bacon, porridge oats and laverbread for a hearty welsh breakfast.

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  • Traditional Welsh Cockles

    Traditional Welsh Cockles

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Welsh cockles, gathered by hand and riddle from the Burry Estuary, a centuries old cockles fishery between the Gower and Carmarthenshire coasts.

Not as scary as they look! We love them with our Smoked Haddock in warming Chowder, in Pasta Alle Vongole or as a garnish. Fry with bacon, porridge oats and laverbread for a hearty welsh breakfast.

Just enjoy as a nibble. I love to use these cockles and their sweet juices as a stock in chowder or prawn risotto.

Brilliant service as ever!

Judith Johnson, May 2016

Product Care:

Once opened, decant from tin, keep refrigerated and use within 3 days.


Cockles (Mollusc), Water, Salt.

Please note allergens shown in bold.