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Our Welsh cheeseboard is a selection of wonderful Welsh cheeses, sourced from carefully selected artisan producers. You can order each cheese individually or choose one of our cheese board hampers: A Really Welsh Cheese Gift or A Really Welsh Cheese Feast.

Our Naturally Oak Smoked cheeses make an interesting and tangy addition to a classic cheeseboard, a gorgeous gratin topping or you can simply enjoy a chunk in your fingers with a crisp apple. Don't forget to visit our Fine Foods Page to find crackers and delicious chutneys and preserves for your cheeseboard.  You can even purchase an Oak Serving Platter to present your cheese.

We also commission smoke for several cheese - makers in and around Wales and the Welsh Borders and Marches. These include The Blaenafon Cheese Company and Mousetrap at Monkland Dairy.

We produce Smoked Butter, as a special, at certain times of year (usually, May and June so long as the weather is not too hot). The butter is very popular with chefs - it is delicious with asparagus, new potatoes, and mushrooms as well as a fabulous flavouring for sauces and gravies.