Smoked Salmon - Sides

Our Traditional Oak Smoked Salmon sides are dry-cured on a bed of salt, without sugar, and gently cold-smoked over Welsh oak.

As recommended in Delicious Magazine 2023!

A classic gift and perfect for a celebratory family feast.  

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£47.65 to £59.95
  • Traditionally Smoked Salmon Side

    Traditionally Smoked Salmon Side

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  • Traditionally Smoked Salmon Side

    Traditionally Smoked Salmon Side

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  • Sides of Traditional Oak Smoked Salmon

    Sides of Traditional Oak Smoked Salmon

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  • Scrambled Eggs Smoked Salmon Recipe Great Taste Awards 2023

    Scrambled Eggs Smoked Salmon Recipe Great Taste Awards 2023

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  • Smoked Salmon Salad with Ricotta Cream Cheese

    Smoked Salmon Salad with Ricotta Cream Cheese

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  • Sides of Traditional Oak Smoked Salmon

    Sides of Traditional Oak Smoked Salmon

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Please note the new sizes/weights of our Smoked Salmon sides.

Our Traditional Oak Smoked Salmon is sustainably sourced and made from fresh superior grade fillets of salmon, dry-cured on a bed of salt, without sugar, and gently cold-smoked over Welsh oak chips. All Black Mountains Smokery's Smoked Salmon Sides are available, expertly hand sliced or unsliced - ready for you as you require. Here's our super talented production manager Corinne expertly slicing one of our cold smoked salmon sides!

 A side of our  Traditional Smoked Salmon makes a fantastic present - for a birthday, Christmas or thank-you gift. Why not add a locally hand-crafted Oak Serving Platter to create the perfect gift? Our salmon platter is the ideal size for slicing and serving a whole side. Or click here for sliced packs of smoked salmon 100g, 200g and 400g

“A gentle aroma of oak combines well with the salmon. Perky coral colour, good texture, not at all greasy. Fabulous combination of the salmon and the oak - well judged. The smoke does not bully the fish at all. A skilled hand is at work here - balanced, the salt is spot on and there is a lingering flavour” Great Taste Awards 2023 - 2 Gold Stars

Our Smoked Salmon won Great Taste Awards in 2015, 2017, 2020 & 2023 as well as a coveted Welsh True Taste Award.

To learn about where we source our salmon click here.

Watch Hugh's video of how to hand-slice smoked salmon at home.

A side of Smoked  Salmon makes a wonderful addition to any buffet table. Jo recommends that you garnish with black pepper, lemon wedges and capers. For something a little more formal, why not try these Smoked Salmon Crostini? 


 Canapé Shells or Crostini if you prefer
 Creme fraiche or Mayonnaise
 Quails eggs - hard-boiled & quartered
 Dill sauce
 Sliced Smoked Salmon - slithered
Simply pile up the ingredients onto each Crostini or Canapé Shells starting with the creme fraiche or Greek Yoghurt, which acts a bit like glue! You can mix the Dill Sauce into the creme fraiche or yoghurt to save time. Garnish twist of Black Pepper or a sprinkle of Welshman's Caviar. Arrange on a large Oak Serving Platter alongside Smoked Salmon, wrapped in asparagus. 
These are a real treat, especially when you can pile them high with our Lumpfish or Wild Salmon Caviar, available seasonally. 

 I received ... the most delicious side of smoked salmon, sliced better than any I have ever come across before, it was so easy to serve.  And the packaging was equally superb, it ensured arrival in perfect condition.  Brilliant product and service, thank you

Philip Prettejohn, February 2024

 I just wanted to reach out and say that your smoked salmon is the best we have ever eaten !! It was absolutely beautiful as was the bacon. It was a real treat and we shall definitely be ordering more.

Victoria Ashton, December 2023

 Having skipped breakfast, I’m ready for a tasting of the cold-smoked salmon, which is sweet, oaky and melts in the mouth.

National Geographic Magazine, December 2023

 One of the UK’s best smokeries, based in Wales. It was the award-winning smoked chicken that drew us in first, closely followed by the smoked duck and fish – ingredients that are great to have on hand for impromptu salads, sandwiches & snacks of the highest order. The Taste For Two hamper (£59.75) includes award-winning oak smoked duck, salmon, chicken and cheddar, plus a jar of dill sauce (epic with smoked fish on blinis or rye bread for a quick canapé).  

Delicious Magazine November 2023

 Just to say that we very much enjoyed the Smoked Salmon which was absolutely delicious, as always. We will always be ordering our smoked salmon from you. Thankyou for the great product!

Adriana Holbech, December 2022 

 Our side of salmon arrived faultlessly before Xmas and as always was delicious. It always gets comments in Norfolk that it is the best salmon people have ever tasted!

Will Finch, December 2022

 Your salmon is as delicious as always, and we will certainly order again.

Rachel Penney, December 2022
 We have received our order and completed our family Christmas tradition of spoiling ourselves to a side of your delicious Smoked Salmon. Thank you and rest assured we will be ordering again as usual next year.

Charlotte Drew, December 2022 
 Our fish arrived in perfect time last week in Wiltshire and was/is as delicious as always. Just wanted you to know.

Victoria Spendlove, December 2022 

 We loved the Salmon and would like to thank you again for your excellent product. It’s my favourite thing about Christmas!

Rosie Wellesley, December 2022

 The Smoked Salmon is delicious! So thank you.

Lizzie Cova, December 2022 

 Just to let you know our salmon was successfully delivered and was thoroughly enjoyed by all family members on Christmas Day and even Boxing Day. My mother in law, in particular, hasn't stopped raving about it!

Sarah Ross, December 2022

 Each year our son Nigel orders your smoked salmon for us all to enjoy at Christmas. We all agree it is truly excellent.

Mr & Mrs Stubbs, December 2022 

 Thank you for the lovely delicious salmon as usual - arrived on time - thank you for all your efforts.

Andrea Edwards, December 2022 

 As usual, my Smoked Salmon was beautiful; it wouldn’t be Christmas without it! I look forward to ordering some more in the New Year.

Janet Dodds, December 22

 When I received my delivery it was very welcome and your Smoked Salmon is second to none. I look forward to being able to place an order with you again.

Mike Jackson, December 2022 

 The Smoked Salmon was superb - thank you and every good wish for a successful and happy new year.

Patricia Antelme, December 22

 Our salmon starter was superb on Christmas Day and the salmon main on Boxing Day. The rest of my smoked goodies are being consumed on Thursday! Thank you so much for what you do.

Barbara Warren December 2022

 I just wanted to tell you that our side of smoked salmon and large ham was delicious!

L Dawson, January 2023

 Thank you. Both orders have been delivered and we are delighted with the products. I can honestly say the Smoked Salmon and Oak Roast Salmon are the best I’ve ever had!

Leigh Chalmers, June 2022

 Just to let you know the salmon we ordered for Easter was fantastic and we will definitely be ordering again. 

Marina Anderson, May 2022

 Thanks for the smoked salmon. It was stunning.

Amanda, January 2022

 Just wanted to say that the side of smoked salmon arrived just now, it looks tremendous! Happy Christmas to you all. 

Kanny Ledger, December 2021

 Just to let you know that my order did arrive and the salmon and duck breast were absolutely delicious. 

Ann Buxton, December, 2021

The quality of your salmon is out of this world. Black Mountains Smokery is going to play a large part in our Christmas celebrations! 

Lin Dore, November, 2021

 I received my delivery this morning and as ever it is everything online food should be. Well packed with great care, the fish looks in absolutely perfect condition and professionally presented.

Mick Lawson, August 2021

 The salmon was totally amazing!!  Thank you for quick delivery and such a great service. We will definitely use you again. Depending on the government regulations, we will start to host dinners here again at our HQ and this would be a perfect main dish to present.

Patrik Fredrikson, May 2021

 We are taking our order to Scotland to eat for our holiday lunches, it will be a wonderful treat for my sons, husband & I.

Jacqueline Goodchild, April 2021

 Just to thank you so much for our lovely salmon delivery. We ate the fillets last night – delicious as always.

Robert Aitken, April 2021

The salmon looks delicious, as always, and we look forward to enjoying some at the weekend and giving some to the family, who really loved the samples they had in January. 

Margery Smith, March 2021

 I am a devoted fan of your products, as is the whole family including my young granddaughters who always scoff all the smoked salmon. We are completely thrilled to win the competition. 

Sylvia Perry, March 2021

The salmon was sublime, the batch we had was perfect. All three families here had some, and we all thought it was brilliant!

James Goodman, January 2021

Your smoked salmon is wonderful and customer care faultless. We look forward to ordering more in the new year.

Margery and Julian Smith, December 2020

Thank you so much for delivering our fantastic and delicious food hamper which we received as a gift from friends. I can honestly say the smoked salmon and oak roast salmon are the best I've ever had. Utterly delicious and meltingly tender. We are looking forward to sampling all the other goodies that we discovered nestling inside!!

December 2020

Thank you so much for pulling the stops out and getting all that lovely smoked salmon to us tout suite.

June 2020

Thank you for absolutely superb service, especially in such difficult times. I ordered salmon on Tuesday night, not really thinking there was any chance of delivery in time for our wedding anniversary on Saturday, but here it is - delivered first thing Thursday morning. My mouth is watering at the thought, and I know we are in for a feast on Saturday, even in lockdown with the rest of the family unable to join us. Thank you so much!

September 2020

Very neat and fresh looking salmon slices. A lightly smoked and clean aroma. A firm flesh that melted in the mouth, so creamy! A good level of smoke, not overpowering, allowing all the natural fish flavour to come through.

Great Taste Awards, 2020

Deep salmon pink with a beautiful glossy texture. Complex and pungent smoky aromatics on the nose of heather honey sweetness. Rich and indulgently buttery on the palate, it has a good structure and melts in the mouth with an elegant balance of flavour and a long and satisfying gentle smoke finish. Refined and sophisticated flavours par excellence.

Great Taste Awards, 2020

Generous slices of smoked salmon with gentle smoke on the nose. The salmon just melts in the mouth - buttery, sweet and tasty flesh with gentle back notes of smoked oak. You could eat this just on its own - nothing else needed - just deliciously tasty and perfectly balanced.

Great Taste Awards, 2020

The smoked salmon is absolutely outstanding and totally different from the supermarket fare. Even our teenagers noticed! And the service is second to none, personal, charming and very efficient - most impressive, particularly in these difficult times.

G Magnay, July 2020

I called in your shop whilst in Abergavenny at half term, I've got to say this is the nicest smoked salmon I've ever purchased, well done!

Sue Frezza, December 2018

I have tried smoked salmon from numerous sources over the years. I have found Black Mountain's salmon to be better than any. Highly recommended!

David Pollitt, November 2018

Delicious looking salmon just arrived on my doorstep! Thank you so much!

Katie Rockley, October 2018

I was with one of the recipients of your smoked salmon gifts on Saturday and they loved it - as much as I do!

Wonkie Hills, June 2018

The smoked salmon was wonderful..again the texture was so much better than other smoked salmon I have tried, and the taste was excellent!

Lisa Coleridge, April 2018

We thought the quality of your smoked salmon was outstanding and we shall certainly continue as a customer.

Henry Shaw, September 2017

Delicious firm-textured fish with a balanced saltiness and a delicate hint of oak.

Great Taste Awards, September 2017

Great texture and not at all oily. The curing and smoking let the salmon do the talking.

Great Taste Awards, August 2015

Ready to eat.  

Best served at room temperature - please visit our recipe pages for serving suggestions and inspiration.  

Shelf life: 20-28 days.

Keep refrigerated below 5 °C.  Eat within 3 days of opening.  

Suitable for Home Freezing - Freeze on day of purchase for up to 6 months.  

May contain bones


Scottish Farmed Salmon (Fish), Salt, Oak Smoke.

Please note allergens shown in bold.      

Provenance:  Sustainably sourced from named farms in Shetland.