Are Smoked Foods Ready To Eat? Must I Cook Them?

Are Smoked Foods Ready To Eat? Must I Cook Them?
is smoked food cooked already?

Is smoked food cooked already? Or do I need to cook it myself at home?

At Black Mountains Smokery we use two smoking techniques – hot smoke, and cold smoke.

The key difference between them is that one involves heat, and the other does not. Both of them infuse the product with the beautiful smokey flavour, but hot smoking (kiln roasting), also cooks it. This means that “Hot smoked” or “Oak Roasted” produce is cooked and ready to eat straight from the packet. Most of our range is smoked in this way, from our Smoked Duck, to our Welsh Dragon Sausages.

Cold smoking involves smouldering natural oak smoke but without heat, and therefore does not cook the produce. The products  smoked in this way are Smoked Cheese and our Traditional Smoked Salmon, both of which are ready to eat straight away.

However there are a couple of exceptions…

Smoked Haddock and Kippers are also cold smoked but do require cooking. The traditional way to cook Smoked Haddock is to poach it in milk. However, you can also bake or grill the fillets as well. For a yummy recipe for Smoked Haddock and Cockle Chowder click here. We think Kippers are best simply pan fried in butter. Delicious!

Our ready to eat smoked foods are always best served at room temperature – so do remember to get them out of the fridge and open the packaging in good time!

Please visit our Recipe pages for a wealth of serving suggestions. You can search for recipe ideas for starters, salads, main courses and nibbles as well as ideas for specific smoked foods.

Product Care

Please remember that all our produce is freshly prepared and is therefore suitable to home freezing. It otherwise has a shelf life in the fridge of 10 – 28 days stored at 3 degrees Centigrade or less. Once opened it should be consumed within 4 days